What Kind of Cutting Board Does Gordon Ramsay use? (Wood or Plastic)

Gordon uses a John Boos block cutting board. In his MasterClass cooking series, Gordon recommends using any large wood cutting board with a minimum of 24″ x 18″ size that won’t slip when used.

Most chefs keep separate cutting boards dedicated to beef, chicken, seafood, chopping onions, and garlic. However, carving boards are specially made to avoid a mess when craving because traditional cutting boards have a trenched edge to trap the juices that purge out of roasted meats when craving.

I got a John Boos Cutting Board as a gift, and it is worth the hype; it is a very sturdy, beautifully crafted board that I recommend. I purchased the oil and cleansing products to go with it to maintain and preserve the wood.

My favorite John Boos cutting board is the Block Au Jus Maple. It provides plenty of room to work; it’s a pleasure to cut on, with little maintenance. The board is light enough to lift comfortably but heavy enough to be stable when performing tasks, though I noticed it wobbles occasionally depending on the surface it’s sitting on. Like all boards, it will get knife scars but still durable, resisting cracking, warping, and staining, thanks to its naturally oily resins that keep the wood conditioned.

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Why do you need a Cutting Board?

Any well-stocked kitchen needs a few good cutting boards with a solid to cut on. It makes food preparation easier and prevents kitchen accidents.

  • The board should be firm but not too hard. The perfect surface should be soft enough to keep your knife in good shape but strong enough to absorb significant abuse.
  • Look for a midweight (5 lb. or less) board. A cutting board shouldn’t be so heavy that you hesitate to pull it out; a lightweight cutting board could be too weak to withstand much cutting on the turnover.
  • Wooden and plastic boards must be washed differently. Remember that wooden and bamboo boards need hand-washing and occasional maintenance, while a plastic board can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • What to expect from a good carving board. Hold at least a half-cup of liquid, as this is roughly the amount of juice released by a medium-sized resting turkey. A trench about an inch from the board’s edges takes care of this.
  • Since the released fat from carving a bird gels as it cools down, juices begin to flow slower. Boards that had narrow, shallower wells often ended up clogging and overflowing.

I recommend The John Boos Reversible Cutting Board Carving Board, the reversible model that has a flat side for roasts and a side for poultry to hold firmly in place.

Each side of the board allows you to slice meat evenly and cleanly, with a deep trench holding a half-cup of juices around the edges. It’s an appealing, sturdy board that you could clean easily.

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