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What Is Zwilling Professional S Chef Knife: The High-End Cutlery?

Zwilling, synonymous with quality and durability, presents another masterpiece, the Zwilling Professional S Chef Knife. This 8-inch culinary marvel boasts a proprietary Friodur steel blade, a comfortable polymer handle, and a performance that rivals any knife. Let’s dissect this beauty to understand it better.

Zwilling Pro S Quick Takeaways:

  • The Zwilling Professional S Chef Knife offers a smooth and enjoyable cutting experience.
  • The Knife’s blade is made from Zwilling’s proprietary Friodur steel, ensuring durability and superb edge retention.
  • The 15-degree edge provides a manageable bite and follow-through.
  • The rough polish of the blade reduces surface tension, aiding in food separation.

Zwilling Pro S Blade Performance and Steel

PROFESSIONAL “S” are the classic knives for the professional kitchen

The Zwilling Professional S Chef Knife flaunts a thick blade that effortlessly glides through ingredients. Its performance on tomatoes and big onions is commendable, providing a smooth and enjoyable cutting experience.

According to a member at Blade Forums, the key difference between the Zwilling Pro and Pro ‘S’ lies in the bolster style. The Pro S employs a full bolster, while the Pro has a short-slanted bolster. Despite this, both models have identical steel, hardness, edge angle, and handle material, with the bolster being the only distinguishing factor.

The cutting edge of the knife measures around 7.5 inches, thanks to the bolster design. With a 15-degree edge, the Knife’s bite and follow-through are manageable and satisfying.

The secret behind the Knife’s durability and excellent edge retention is Friodur, Zwilling’s proprietary steel. This steel is easy to hone and maintain, resisting food sticking, and the rough polish further reduces surface tension, aiding in food separation.

Handle Comfort and Grip

handle comfort and grip zwilling professional s chef knife

The Knife’s handle is thick and designed specifically for larger hands. However, it’s worth noting that the handle corners can be felt while cutting, which may cause slight discomfort. The full bolster design might not be optimized for a pinch grip, but overall, the Knife offers comfort for most users.

The knife blade is especially noteworthy; it is forged from high-carbon stainless steel, ensuring a razor-sharp edge and impressive durability. Despite its robust construction, the blade is not overly heavy, allowing easy and precise control when cutting. However, some users may find the blade too wide for intricate cutting tasks.

The curved half bolster on Pro knives is designed for the pinch grip (Via Prudent Reviews), deemed by expert chefs as the correct way to hold a chef’s Knife. However, while the pinch grip can also be used on Pro “S” knives, the thick bolster may reduce comfort.

The Knife also features a full tang, which enhances balance and stability. The blade, along with the handle, makes the Knife a well-balanced tool that should satisfy the needs of most home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Balance and Weight

balance and weight zwilling professional s chef knife
Image Courtesy / Sur la Table

The Knife’s balance feels good in a pinch grip, and it is lighter than many other German chef knives, weighing in at 8.6 oz. Comparatively, it’s lighter than the Wusthof Classic Ikon (9.6 oz), Messermeister Meridian Elite (9.9 oz), and Hammer Stahl (10.3 oz). However, it still carries more weight than Japanese-style knives. Despite being heavier, finding a lighter German chef knife of similar quality is challenging.

In an article from Nothing But Knives, the ergonomics of using this Knife could be affected by its weight and balance, as it is light, and most of the weight is centered around the bolster, not the blade. This requires the user to exert slightly more pressure to initiate cuts, but with the correct sliding technique rather than pushing, it should not pose a problem for most foods.

The Knife’s heavier weight doesn’t compromise its maneuverability in the slightest. It enhances its cutting power, making it ideal for chopping through denser foods like hard vegetables and cuts of meat. The Knife’s full tang construction further contributes to its balance and durability. The handle is ergonomically designed, offering a comfortable grip and excellent control.

The handle material is also resistant to heat, cold, and moisture, ensuring longevity. As for the blade, it is made from high-carbon stainless steel, renowned for its sharpness and edge retention. The blade also features a curve, facilitating a rocking motion for mincing. Compared to its counterparts, the Knife offers a remarkable blend of weight, balance, and sharpness, making it a versatile tool in the kitchen.

Maintenance Tips for Zwilling Professional S Chef Knife

maintenance tips for zwilling professional s chef knife
Image Courtesy / Kitchen Stuff Plus

Maintaining the Zwilling Professional S Chef Knife is relatively easy. Regular honing and proper cleaning can ensure its longevity. Remember, a well-maintained knife not only performs better but also lasts longer. According to the Zwilling website, the most effective way to clean your knives is by hand. This method is quicker and involves hot water, a sponge or brush, and a dishtowel or microfiber cloth for drying.

You can use honing steel to hone the Zwilling Professional S Chef Knife. This process helps to realign the blade and keep it sharp. Always hone the Knife before each use to provide the best results. For cleaning, hand washing is highly recommended. Despite its dishwasher-safe label, the harsh detergents and heat in a dishwasher can potentially damage the Knife.

After washing, dry it immediately to prevent any potential for rust or discoloration. Also, avoid using abrasive scrubbers, which can scratch the surface. Instead, use a soft cloth or sponge. Storing the Knife in a knife block or a magnetic strip can also help maintain its sharpness and prevent accidental injuries.

Benefits of Friodur Steel in Zwilling Professional S Chef Knife

benefits of friodur steel in zwilling professional s chef knife

Friodur steel adds to the Knife’s durability and edge retention. Zwilling’s decision to use Friodur steel for its Professional S Chef Knife showcases its commitment to quality and performance.

A recent article (Via Zwilling) stated that PROFESSIONAL ‘S’ are top-of-the-line kitchen knives made from a special formula steel that’s been perfected over centuries. Combining this unique steel and ZWILLING’s signature ice-hardening technique results in sharper, more durable blades that maintain their edge for longer.

The steel undergoes a special ice-hardening process that strengthens it, making it more resistant to wear and tear. The result is a knife that remains sharp for longer, reducing the need for frequent sharpening. This makes the Zwilling Professional S Chef Knife a reliable tool for any kitchen, professional or otherwise.

Friodur steel is known for its excellent corrosion resistance. This means the Knife won’t rust easily, enhancing its durability. This also makes the Knife easy to clean and maintain, adding to its practicality.

Wrapping Up

The Zwilling 8-inch Professional S Chef knife is a fantastic option, especially around the $150 price point. Its plain looks and bolster might be minor issues for some, but its performance and durability cannot be overlooked. The Zwilling Pro could be better if you have slightly larger hands and prefer a small bolster.

Remember, a reliable knife like the Zwilling Professional S Chef Knife can be a kitchen companion for many years, making your cooking experience enjoyable and efficient. So, are you ready to slice, dice, and chop with the Zwilling Chef Knife?

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