Trenton Garvey's Young Guns Dominance in Hell's Kitchen Season 20 (2021)

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20: Young Guns Making a Mark (May 31 – Sep 13, 2021)

Hell’s Kitchen Season 20, known as ‘Young Guns,’ was the first in the show’s history to feature contestants aged 24 or younger. It aired from May 31, 2021, to September 13, 2021, and was the third non-conventional season after Seasons 17 and 18.

The blue team had a rough start, losing the first four challenges and three dinner services. This season also set records with a single team having five nominees. Chef Ramsay mixed up an odd number of chefs during a team switch in an unprecedented move.

This season broke several records, including featuring the most elimination-based challenges, equalling Season 19, and having the highest number of contestants eliminated after a challenge. Trenton Garvey broke the female winning streak as the first male winner since Season 12.

After his victory, Trenton returned the next season for his wedding and invited fellow contestants Emily and Victoria. Other unforgettable moments included Chef Ramsay’s second visit to the dorms since Season 14, and two punishment passes were handed out for the first time.

Key Takeaways from Hell’s Kitchen Season 20

  • Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen is called ‘Young Guns’ and features contestants aged 24 or younger.
  • The blue team had the worst start, losing the first four challenges and three dinner services.
  • Four chefs saved from the Cook For Your Life challenge were eliminated in consecutive weeks.
  • Trenton was the first male winner since Season 12, breaking the female winning streak.

Season 20: Young Guns Take Over

In Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen, the young guns take over the competition, showcasing their culinary skills and determination. These talented contestants, aged 24 or under, bring fresh energy and enthusiasm to the Kitchen.

From the moment they step foot in Hell’s Kitchen, it’s clear that they’re ready to make their mark. With their youthful vigor and passion for cooking, they push themselves to the limits, eager to prove that age is just a number.

Week after week, they face intense challenges and high-pressure dinner services, striving to impress the one and only Gordon Ramsay. As the season progresses, the young guns prove themselves worthy of their spot in the competition, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

Ultimately, one of these impressive young chefs emerges as the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 20, earning the coveted title and the opportunity to showcase their talent at Gordon Ramsay’s acclaimed restaurant.

This season is a testament to the talent and potential of the next generation of culinary stars.

Team Dynamics and Challenges

Throughout the intense competition of Hell’s Kitchen Season 20, you’ll witness the young guns navigating team dynamics and facing a variety of challenging culinary tasks. As these ambitious contestants showcase their skills and strive to make their mark, the team dynamics play a crucial role in their journey.

Here are some key points to highlight:

  • The young guns, aged 24 or younger, brought fresh energy and enthusiasm to the competition.
  • The blue team experienced a rough start, losing the first four challenges and three dinner services, highlighting the importance of teamwork and communication.
  • The season witnessed a record-breaking five nominees from a single team, adding tension and drama to the Kitchen.
  • Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 presented contestants with unique challenges, such as the ‘Cook For Your Life’ challenge, where four chefs saved were subsequently eliminated in consecutive weeks.
  • The young guns faced culinary challenges and the pressure of working together as a team, leading to intense and unforgettable moments in the Kitchen.

Record-Breaking Eliminations

With a record-breaking number of eliminations, contestants in Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 faced intense pressure and high stakes. The young gun contestants were pushed to their limits as they battled it out in the toughest culinary competition on television.

The Kitchen sizzled with tension throughout the season as chef after chef was eliminated from the competition. The record-breaking eliminations kept viewers on their seats, eagerly anticipating who’d be sent home next. Each elimination was a harsh reminder of the unforgiving nature of Hell’s Kitchen.

The stakes increased as the competition grew fiercer, and the desire to win burned brighter. It was a season filled with heartbreak and triumph, where the slightest mistake could lead to a devastating elimination. The young guns contestants fought tooth and nail to stay in the game, but only one could emerge victorious.

Trenton Garvey: The First Male Winner

Trenton Garvey emerged as the trailblazing male champion of Hell’s Kitchen Season 20. His outstanding culinary skills and determination made history as the first male winner in five seasons. Trenton’s journey throughout the season was nothing short of impressive. Here are five key reasons why Trenton’s victory was a game-changer in the world of cooking competition shows:

  • Trenton showcased his culinary prowess in the signature dish challenge, wowing the judges with his unique and flavorful creations.
  • His win paved the way for more male chefs to compete and succeed in future seasons, breaking the female winning streak.
  • As the winner, Trenton earned the prestigious title of Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas, a dream come true for any aspiring chef.
  • His victory demonstrated that age is just a number, as he competed against talented contestants aged 24 and younger.
  • Trenton’s win showcased his talent and inspired aspiring chefs worldwide to pursue their culinary dreams passionately.

Trenton Garvey’s triumph in Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 will be remembered as a landmark moment in the show’s history. His remarkable journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and the limitless possibilities that await those who dare to chase their dreams in the Kitchen.

Memorable Moments and Miscellaneous Facts

Get ready to dive into the heart-pounding excitement of Hell’s Kitchen Season 20, hosted by the illustrious Chef Gordon Ramsay. The competition, sizzling with intensity, unfolded at the glamorous Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

This season, contestants faced a maelstrom of culinary challenges that tested their skills to the extreme. Viewers were on the edge of their seats with jaw-dropping twists and high-stakes drama. Every episode delivered excitement and tension in spades, from nail-biting dinner services to the adrenaline-pumping signature dish challenges.

Amidst the chaos, the aspirants tackled tasks that showcased their prowess and resilience. The elegant Hell’s Kitchen restaurant provided a stunning backdrop to the fiery battle of the up-and-coming chefs.

Unforgettable moments were the hallmark of Season 20, leaving a lasting impression with its unique blend of glamour and grit. The season was peppered with culinary competition for chefs, where the winner’s prize was not just a title but a testament to their hard-earned skills.

The show’s legacy continues, with Chef Ramsay’s high standards and no-nonsense approach to quality control paving the way for future culinary stars. Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 will long be remembered for its remarkable moments and the remarkable drive of its contestants.


Kevin Argueta22Line CookLos Angeles, CA
Josie Clemens22Private ChefMacomb, MI
Payton Cooper21Sous ChefLexington, KY
Trenton Garvey*23Executive ChefUnion, MO
Sam Garman22Executive ChefFleetwood, PA
Brynn Gibson21Line CookProvidence, RI
Megan Gill22Line CookDenton, TX
Steve Glenn21Chef de PartieMidlothian, VA
Ava Harren22Meal Prep ChefAnchorage, AK
Emily Hersh22Line CookSan Antonio, TX
Keanu Hogan23Private ChefBaltimore, MD
Matthew Francis Johnson24Food VloggerDuluth, MN
Alex Lenik22Line CookChicago, IL
Antonio Ruiz23Executive ChefGreat Falls, MT
Jay Smith23Private ChefKansas City, MO
Victoria Sonora21Jr. Sous ChefLongmont, CO
Morgana Vesey21Sous ChefNew London, CT
Kiya Wilhelm22Head ChefBarrelville, MD
Hell’s Kitchen Season Winner *

Episode Rundown and Highlights:

01Ep. 2001 – Young Guns: Young Guns Come Out ShootingThe eighteen Young Guns got a history lesson about the show’s nineteen-season history, learned about the grand prize, cooked their Signature Dishes for Ramsay, and one chef had an anxiety attack after day one.May 31, 2021
02Ep. 2002 – Young Guns: Temping the MeatSquid was the main ingredient; one team continued their winning streak, and one chef threw three of their teammates under the bus at elimination, leading to a record-breaking nomination amount from one team.June 7, 2021
03Ep. 2003 – Young Guns: Come Hell or High Water!Ramsay hosted his eldest daughter’s 21st birthday party, one team’s luck improved, and one chef lost their last chance to stay after serving the birthday girl bland food.June 14, 2021
04Ep. 2004 – Young Guns: Young Guns Going BigBoth teams cooked a brunch service, an advantage was used, dinner service was rough on both ends, and Ramsay made a major switch up after the elimination.June 21, 2021
05Ep. 2005 – Young Guns: Stirring the PotOne team had a clean sweep during the Spell’s Kitchen challenge, a private dinner service was a disaster for both kitchens and one chef’s lack of leadership became their downfall.June 28, 2021
06Ep. 2006 – Young Guns: A Ramsay Birthday in Hell!The chefs deciphered emojis for dishes, one team finally broke their losing streak, and an early front-runner lost their voice.July 5, 2021
07Ep. 2007 – Young Guns: If You Can’t Stand the Heat…A blue chef joined the red team, the chefs cooked multi-cultural cuisine, and a once consistent chef completely shut down and fell apart at dinner service, leading to a shocking mid-service elimination.July 12, 2021
08Ep. 2008 – Young Guns: A Devilish ChallengeThe Relay Challenge took place, Ramsay held private interviews, and five chefs cooked for their lives, leading to a shocking elimination.July 19, 2021
09Ep. 2009 – Young Guns: A Game Show From HellThe chefs played the dating game for ingredients; one team fell apart on Steak Night, and one broke a promise to save themselves at elimination.August 9, 2021
10Ep. 2010 – Young Guns: More Than a Sticky SituationThe twentieth annual Blind Taste Test took place, a strategic use of an advantage unnerved a consistent chef, and another lost their last chance to stay.August 16, 2021
11Ep. 2011 – Young Guns: Swiping RightThe chefs played the dating game for ingredients; one team fell apart on Steak Night, and one broke a promise to save themselves at elimination.August 23, 2021
12Ep. 2012 – Young Guns: All Hell Breaks LooseThe seven remaining chefs competed for black jackets, and two chefs lost out on getting them after a hard-fought battle.August 30, 2021
13Ep. 2013 – Young Guns: Social Media in HellThe final five competed in their first black jacket challenge, dinner service had some bumps, and a shocking elimination of a fan favorite occurred.September 6, 2021
14Ep. 2014 – Young Guns: Hell Hath No Fury…The final three reunited with their loved ones cooked their final dishes, and the final two were announced.September 6, 2021
15Ep. 2015 – Young Guns: What the HellThe final four grilled for beach patrons took turns running the pass, and the final three were announced.September 13, 2021
16Ep. 2016 – Young Guns: Two Young Guns Shoot It OutMegan and Trenton led their brigades in one final service, and the winner of Hell’s Kitchen was crowned.September 13, 2021

In the End

The culinary world has been forever changed as the curtains close on Season 20 of Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns. These young prodigies have left an indelible mark, showcasing their talent, determination, and passion for cooking.

With record-breaking eliminations and unforgettable moments, viewers have been captivated from start to finish. And in a historic first, Trenton Garvey emerges as the deserving winner, paving the way for future male chefs. The legacy of these young guns will undoubtedly inspire a new generation of culinary greatness.

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