FOX announced the renewal of Hell's Kitchen for two additional seasons, including Season 21, styled as Hell's Kitchen: Battle of the Ages. This season aired from September 29, 2022, to February 9, 2023. Alex Belew, a former restaurant owner, emerged as the winner and earned the position of Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen restaurant in Caesars Atlantic City, along with a $250,000 salary.

Hell’s Kitchen Season 21: Battle of the Ages: Culinary Mastery (Sep 29, 2022 – Feb 9, 2023)

Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 continues to inspire chefs across America. Under the fiery leadership of Gordon Ramsay, they battle it out in the blistering kitchens. The season kicked off with the episode ‘The Dream Begins’ on September 28, 2023, as eighteen new chefs embarked on their journey by cooking their signature dishes.

Further episodes introduced a series of challenges. They whipped dishes with scallops as the centerpiece and served brunch to newly minted Americans. The chefs also took a shot at American cuisine in the episode ‘Gimme an H!’, marking a noticeable upgrade in their dinner service.

In the episode ‘Just Bring the DARN Fish!’, the chefs had to identify surf and turf dishes. One chef won a special reward, while another set themselves apart from the team, resulting in an unexpected elimination. This season is unique as it had no winning team on the opening night, a scenario we’ve only witnessed in Seasons 8 and 12.

It’s also the fifth season where every contestant has had to endure at least one punishment (similar to Seasons 12, 14, 16, and 21), and it’s the first season since Season 15 where a contestant claimed the ‘Best of the Worst’ title. The season is still airing, contributing to the series’ extended run from Season 1 through Season 22.

Key Takeaways from Hell’s Kitchen Season 21

  • The season featured 18 chefs divided into two teams, with each episode ending in eliminating one chef from the losing team.
  • Season 21 was filmed in Los Angeles during the COVID-19 pandemic with safety protocols in place, and it was the first season to divide teams by age groups instead of gender.
  • Notable achievements of the season include a tie in the Signature Dish Challenge, the most contestants in the 40s age group, and the Punishment Pass being issued to one member from each team.

Season 21 Overview

In Season 21, you’ll witness the culinary mastery of 18 talented chefs as they compete for the coveted Head Chef position at Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Caesars Atlantic City.

This season of Hell’s Kitchen is a thrilling showcase of competitive cooking at its finest. As one of the most renowned and beloved reality TV shows, Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 brings together the best of the best in the culinary world.

With Gordon Ramsay leading the charge, these chefs face intense challenges, push their limits, and put their skills to the test. Who’ll emerge as the ultimate victor and claim the title of Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 winner? As the drama unfolds, the flavors sizzle and the competition heats up, tune in to find out. Get ready for a culinary adventure like no other!


Get ready for some interesting facts and tidbits about Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 with these trivia highlights.

  • Season 21 of Hell’s Kitchen introduced a new twist by dividing the teams based on age groups instead of gender. It brought a fresh dynamic to the competition and showcased the culinary talents of chefs from different generations.
  • Filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the season implemented strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of the contestants and production crew. Despite the challenges, the show delivered intense cooking challenges and nail-biting eliminations.
  • In Season 21, every contestant faced at least one punishment, highlighting the demanding nature of the competition. From grueling tasks to facing the wrath of Gordon Ramsay, the contestants endured it all in their quest to become the next Hell’s Kitchen champion.

These trivia highlights give us a glimpse into the unique aspects of Hell’s Kitchen Season 21, showcasing the reality show’s commitment to culinary excellence and fierce competition among the talented contestants.

Notable Achievements

With their impressive culinary skills and determination, the contestants in Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 achieved remarkable milestones that set them apart from previous seasons. One notable achievement was the tie in the Signature Dish Challenge, marking the third time in the show’s history.

This season also featured the most contestants in the 40s age group, with 9 chefs showcasing their expertise. Another highlight was issuing the Punishment Pass to one member of each team, adding an intriguing twist to the competition.

Additionally, Season 21 stood out by not featuring an elimination during the first individual challenge, creating suspense and uncertainty among the contestants. Lastly, Alex Belew’s victory as the winner of Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 added to the legacy of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen, showcasing the culinary mastery and resilience of the contestants in this thrilling battle of the ages.

Finale and Winners

Who emerged as the winner in the thrilling finale of Hell’s Kitchen Season 21? It was none other than Alex Belew, the culinary master who showcased unmatched skills and determination throughout the battle of the ages.

In a two-part finale, Alex led their brigade with unwavering passion and precision, proving their ability to handle the intense pressure of the final dinner service. Crowned the victor, Alex Belew’s culinary mastery shone brightly as they claimed the coveted title of winner in Hell’s Kitchen Season 21.

This season marked the second consecutive win for a male chef in a mixed-gender finale, solidifying Alex’s place among the elite in the culinary world. The thrilling finale episodes aired on February 9, 2023, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats until the end.

Contestants, Challenges, Judging, Rewards, and Eliminations

Contestants in Hell’s Kitchen Season 21 showcased their culinary skills and faced intense challenges in a battle of talent and determination. With their culinary mastery on display, these contestants brought their A-game to every challenge. From creating signature dishes to cooking for large groups, they were pushed to their limits. Time constraints added extra pressure, forcing them to think on their feet and deliver exceptional results.

The judging panel of renowned chefs evaluated their dishes based on taste and presentation, providing valuable feedback and criticism. Ultimately, the judges decided on elimination, making each judgment call a nail-biting moment.

Rewards such as immunity from elimination, the privilege of choosing teams or ingredients, and special privileges in the competition motivated contestants to give their all. However, eliminations were inevitable, as one or more contestants had to bid farewell each week, creating tension and pressure among the remaining competitors. This battle of talent and determination tested the contestants’ culinary skills in Hell’s Kitchen Season 21.


Throughout Season 21 of Hell’s Kitchen, contestants displayed their culinary prowess, tackling arduous challenges with enthusiasm and resilience. These chefs brought their best to every task, whether crafting their signature dishes or serving a crowd. The ticking clock only heightened the drama, demanding quick thinking and flawless execution.

As per IMDb, the panel of esteemed chefs, including reality television titan Gordon Ramsay, scrutinized each dish for flavor and aesthetics, doling out praise and pointed critique. These judgment calls were pivotal, potentially crushing dreams or propelling contestants to the next round.

The promise of rewards—immunity, control over team or ingredient selection, and other competition perks—drove the chefs to elevate their game. In the high-stakes environment of a cooking show, though, eliminations were a harsh yet necessary reality. Each departure ratcheted the tension among the survivors, their sights on the coveted title and the winner’s prize.

Season 21 was a battlefield where determination and skill were tested to the extreme, an embodiment of the culinary competition for chefs that is Hell’s Kitchen.


Alex Belew*40Former Restaurant OwnerMurfreesboro, TN
Tara Ciannella41Private Chef & CatererCongers, NY
Nicole Gomez46Private ChefLos Angeles, CA
Zeus Gordiany48Executive ChefMilford, DE
Mindy Livengood42CatererLiberty Township, OH
O’Shay Lolley44Executive ChefNew Castle, DE
Abe Sanchez41Executive ChefCrosby, TX
Charlene Sherman40Private ChefWorland, WY
Billy TrudsoeHead ChefMelbourne, FL
Hell’s Kitchen Season Winner *


Brett Binninger-Schwartz24Executive ChefDublin, OH
Vlad Briantsev26Sous ChefChicago, IL
Ileana D’Silva23Sous ChefGloucester, VA
Dafne Mejia29Executive ChefLos Angeles, CA
Alejandro Najar28Executive ChefBarberton, OH
Cheyenne Nichols21Sous ChefLouisville, KY
Alyssa Osinga23Line CookChicago, IL
Sommer Sellers24Lead Line CookBrooklyn, NY
Sakari Smithwick27Pop-Up ChefNew York, NY

Episode Rundown and Highlights:

01Ep. 2101 – Let the Battle BeginThe male chef is on the red team with a steak theme. One chef fights the team, and another uses the unusual male items at service.September 29, 2022
02Ep. 2102 – Just Wingin’ ItLobster was the main theme; one team continued their domination, and Ramsay made a drastic decision after elimination.October 6, 2022
03Ep. 2103 – Clawing Your Way to the TopThe eighteen new chefs were split by age, and one chef made a huge mistake that set their team back in the Signature Dish Challenge. Ramsay forewarned a huge stake in the first Individual Challenge.October 13, 2022
04Ep. 2104 – Slipping Down to HellThe battle of the sexes began once more; sliders were the main dish, one team had a big comeback, and a questionable elimination occurred.October 20, 2022
05Ep. 2105 – Breakfast 911The chefs served breakfast for emergency workers, a smelly punishment occurred, dinner service had minimal errors, and no one from the losing team was sent home.October 27, 2022
06Ep. 2106 – Til Chef Do Us PartThe chefs cooked with a unique cooking utensil, and one chef got angry when an advantage was used. While that night’s service improved, Ramsay still sent someone home.November 10, 2022
07Ep. 2107 – Wok This WayA male chef joined the red team; steak was the main theme; one chef continued to fight against their teammates, and another used an unusual contraband item at service.November 17, 2022
08Ep. 2108 – Game On!Reigning champion Trenton got married, both teams incorrectly made the wedding service unforgettable, and Ramsay cut the fat by sending two people home.December 1, 2022
09Ep. 2109 – Putting the Carne in CarnivalGame meat was the main theme; an advantage was used, one chef bemoaned their low status on their team, and five chefs cooked for their lives to stay in the competition.December 8, 2022
10Ep. 2110 – Everyone’s Taco’ing About ItTacos were the main dish, dinner service came down to the wire, and the third team switch occurred in the middle of elimination.January 5, 2023
11Ep. 2111 – 21st Annual Blind Taste TestThe annual Blind Taste Test took place, a private dinner service was held, and one chef’s luck ran out.January 12, 2023
12Ep. 2112 – What in Hell’s Kitchen?The final seven competed in a series of challenges for a black jacket, and two chefs were eliminated.January 19, 2023
13Ep. 2113 – The Fab Five Take FlightThe final five contestants competed in their first black jacket challenge. The reward was interrupted, and the early front-runner’s poor performance ruined the service.January 26, 2023
14Ep. 2114 – Lights, Camera, Sabotage!The final four made beautiful dishes took turns running the pass, and the final three were revealed.February 2, 2023
15Ep. 2115 – A Finale for the Ages, Part 1The male chef is on the red team with a steak theme. One chef fights the team, and another uses The unusual male items at service.February 9, 2023
16Ep. 2116 – A Finale for the Ages, Part 2The final three made their menus, competed in their final challenge, and the final two were announced.February 9, 2023

In The End

Get ready for a culinary showdown like no other! Hell’s Kitchen Season 21: Battle of the Ages has taken us on a thrilling journey of intense challenges, pressure, and fierce competition. With talented chefs from different backgrounds and age groups, the stakes have never been higher.

As the season concludes, we eagerly await the crowning of a champion who’s proven their culinary mastery. Join us on this vibrant and engaging culinary adventure and witness the rise of a true culinary legend.

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