Kori Sutton's Las Vegas Culinary Success Hell's Kitchen Season 19 (2021)

Hell’s Kitchen Season 19: Vegas-Style Culinary Battles (Jan 7 – Apr 22, 2021)

Hell’s Kitchen debuted in Las Vegas for the first time during Hell’s Kitchen Season 19. This fiery cooking contest aired on FOX from January 7 to April 22, 2021, and it upped the ante with its glitz and glam in Sin City. Executive Chef Kori Sutton stole the spotlight by winning the competition and securing the Head Chef position at Hell’s Kitchen in Lake Tahoe, along with a handsome salary of $250,000.

This season was unique for various reasons. The first chef was eliminated due to a challenge; the final challenge saw three chefs battling it out, and a chef who’d been nominated once triumphed over another chef who’d never faced a nomination. Different elimination methods were used, including canceling chefs’ nominations, booting chefs without nomination, and Chef Ramsay personally nominating and dismissing chefs.

Episodes such as ‘Welcome To Vegas,’ ‘Shrimply Spectacular,’ ‘Hell Caesar!’, ‘Wedding Bells In Hell,’ and ‘Hell Starts Taking Its Toll’ added flavor to the season.

Regarding trivia and fun facts, this was the first season since Season 16 to feature new talent solely. It occurred at the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The opening sequence only featured Chef Ramsay, leaving out the contestants. Moreover, it tied with Season 17 for the most contestants eliminated after a challenge and Season 20 for the most challenges leading to eliminations.

Key Takeaways from Hell’s Kitchen Season 19

  • Season 19 of Hell’s Kitchen occurred at Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.
  • The season featured elimination categories such as chefs having their nomination voided, chefs being eliminated without being nominated, chefs being eliminated by Ramsay without being nominated, chefs being nominated by Ramsay, and chefs being nominated by Ramsay and eliminated.
  • The season marked the last season to feature a female winner.

Season 19 Overview and Elimination Categories

In Season 19 of Hell’s Kitchen, the elimination categories were as diverse as the Las Vegas culinary scene. Chefs experienced a rollercoaster of emotions, from having their nominations voided to being eliminated without any prior warning. Some unfortunate souls were even sent home by the formidable Ramsay himself without being nominated by their peers. Others faced the nerve-wracking moment of being nominated by Ramsay for their shortcomings in the Kitchen. Then, some faced the double blow of being nominated and ultimately eliminated by Ramsay.

Each episode brought suspense, drama, and intense competition as these talented chefs fought for their spot in the Kitchen. The season winner, Kori Sutton, emerged victorious, claiming the coveted title of Head Chef at Hell’s Kitchen in Lake Tahoe. It was a season filled with surprises and unforgettable moments.

Trivia and Miscellaneous Facts

Explore some interesting trivia and miscellaneous facts about Hell’s Kitchen Season 19: Vegas-Style Culinary Battles.

  • Season 19 is the first to feature strictly new talent since Season 16, bringing fresh faces and skills to the competition.
  • The season was announced on February 26, 2019, alongside Season 20, creating anticipation for back-to-back thrilling seasons.
  • Both Season 19 and Season 20 took place at the iconic Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, adding excitement and glamour to the culinary battles.

These trivia tidbits add more intrigue to the already intense and high-stakes competition. From the introduction of new talent to the stunning Vegas setting, Hell’s Kitchen Season 19: Vegas-Style Culinary Battles promises to be a season filled with surprises, drama, and mouthwatering dishes.

Renewal of Hell’s Kitchen and Previous Seasons

Fox has renewed Hell’s Kitchen for two more seasons, as announced by Chef Jason Santos on Twitter. This exciting news comes as a delightful surprise to fans of the show, who’ve been eagerly awaiting the next installment of Vegas-style culinary battles.

With its renewal, Hell’s Kitchen continues its legacy as one of television’s most thrilling and captivating cooking competitions.

Over the years, the show has showcased the talents of aspiring chefs, pushing them to their limits in the high-pressure environment of the Kitchen. From previous seasons like ‘Rookies vs. Veterans to ‘Young Guns’ and ‘All-Stars,’ each season has brought its unique flavor to the table.

As we anticipate the upcoming seasons, we can expect even more intense challenges, mouthwatering dishes, and unforgettable moments in the iconic Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen as a TV Series

The TV series Hell’s Kitchen showcases the culinary talents of aspiring chefs in intense and high-pressure challenges. Step into the fierce and fiery world of Hell’s Kitchen, where the Kitchen’s heat matches the intensity of the competition. Experience the thrill of watching chefs go head-to-head in the culinary battleground of Las Vegas, where the stakes are high and the flavors are bold.

Immerse yourself in the Vegas-style culinary battles as these ambitious chefs push their skills to the limit, striving to impress renowned chef Gordon Ramsay with every dish.

Hell’s Kitchen as a TV series has captivated audiences with its vibrant energy, tantalizing flavors, and heart-stopping moments. It provides a platform for aspiring chefs to showcase their culinary prowess and chase their dreams. With each episode, viewers are transported into a world where passion, creativity, and determination collide.

Hell’s Kitchen isn’t just a show; it’s an experience that leaves your taste buds craving more.

Vegas-Style Culinary Battles in Season 19

Dive into the culinary world of Season 19 of Hell’s Kitchen, where the thrill of Vegas-style culinary battles comes to life among the crème de la crème of chefs. The legendary Chef Gordon Ramsay goes all out to whip up an electrifying atmosphere at Caesars Palace, turning the kitchen into a fierce battleground for culinary excellence.

The excitement is palpable in every corner as these talented chefs pull out all the stops in high-stakes challenges that test their creativity and technical prowess to the limits. In this arena, every dish is not just a meal but a masterpiece, each one crafted with meticulous care and bursting with the bold flavors of Las Vegas.

As the chefs head-to-head, the air is tense, with their knives glinting under the bright lights. The culinary clashes in Season 19 of Hell’s Kitchen are nothing short of a sensory spectacle—a symphony of tastes and a showcase of sheer culinary talent that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Incorporating terms such as culinary competition for chefs, the show is a testament to the high standards that Chef Ramsay is known for. With challenges ranging from ingredient preparation to the infamous taste test, the chefs must work together in team cook-offs while keeping up with the relentless pace of dinner service, which includes appetizers, entrées, and desserts.

The process of elimination is tense, with nominations and the announcement of the best of the worst leading to the coveted Black Jacket. As the season progresses, the focus shifts to menu development, brigade leadership, and the all-important quality control.

For those who make it to the final service, it’s a chance to prove their mettle and win the grand prize—a head chef position that is a dream for any chef. The journey to this prize is fraught with Beef Wellington and other signature dishes, all under the watchful eyes of sous-chefs and the Maître d’hôtel Marino Monferrato.

Step into Hell’s Kitchen this season, where ambition meets skill, and only the best will rise to the top. It’s a culinary adventure in the heart of Los Angeles, California, where reality television meets the exhilaration of a real-life cooking showdown.


Cody Candelario26Executive Sous ChefSherman Oaks, CA
Mary Lou Davis28Chef de CuisineSan Antonio, TX
Fabiola Fuentes32Line CookIndio, CA
Nikki Hanna25Line CookWolfeboro, NH
Declan Horgan42Executive ChefWashington, DC
Amber Lancaster30Executive ChefChicago, IL
Lauren Lawless30Private ChefSan Diego, CA
Peter Martinez38Sous ChefPalisades Park, NJ
Kenneth McDuffie35Private ChefPhiladelphia, PA
Josh Oakley28Executive ChefDenver, CO
Adam Pawlak28Executive ChefMilwaukee, WI
Marc Quinones37Executive ChefAlbuquerque, NM
Brittani Ratcliff30Executive Sous ChefMorehead, KY
Eliott Sanchez23Private ChefJersey City, NJ
Jordan Savell29Executive ChefFort Worth, TX
Kori Sutton*37Executive ChefLos Angeles, CA
Drew Tingley30Line CookMillmont, PA
Syann Williams26Line CookAtlanta, GA
Hell’s Kitchen Season Winner *

Episode Rundown and Highlights:

01Ep. 1901 – Welcome To VegasThe eighteen new chefs arrived in Las Vegas, and visited the real Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant. The Signature Dish Challenge was turned on its head, and conflicts began to arise in one team.October 21, 2020 (UK), January 7, 2021 (US)
02Ep. 1902 – Shrimply SpectacularCaesar salad was the main dish; a hot reward caused one chef to grow ill, pants were lost at dinner service, and Ramsay overruled the losing team’s poor nomination choices.October 22, 2020 (UK), January 14, 2021 (US)
03Ep. 1903 – Hell Caesar!Shrimp was the main ingredient; Ramsay cut the fat early by sending somebody home in the challenge, one team imploded on opening night, and one chef made a terrible plea at elimination.October 28, 2020 (UK), January 21, 2021 (US)
04Ep. 1904 – Wedding Bells In HellWedding bells rang in a service challenge, somebody was medically evacuated, a woman joined the blue team, and both teams performed poorly at dinner service.November 4, 2020 (UK), January 28, 2021 (US)
05Ep. 1905 – Hell Starts Taking Its TollThe chefs rolled for their ingredients, four cooked for their lives, and one failed to live up to their nickname.November 5, 2020 (UK), February 4, 2021 (US)
06Ep. 1906 – Metal & MarinaItalian cuisine was the main theme, dinner service had a strict time limit for a Las Vegas show, and one person did not celebrate their birthday in a great way.November 11, 2020 (UK), February 11, 2021 (US)
07Ep. 1907 – A Pair Of AcesRamsay tested the chef’s palates in identifying surf and turf dishes, trust issues were brought up, a communication breakdown occurred at dinner service, and Ramsay made a somewhat controversial nomination change.November 12, 2020 (UK), February 18, 2021 (US)
08Ep. 1908 – Crapping Out in HellThe eighteen new chefs arrived in Las Vegas and visited the real Hell’s Kitchen Restaurant. The Signature Dish Challenge was turned on its head, and conflicts began to arise in one team.November 18, 2020 (UK), February 25, 2021 (US)
09Ep. 1909 – Blind Taste TestThe chefs rolled for their ingredients, four cooked for their lives, and one failed to live up to their nickname.November 19, 2020 (UK), March 4, 2021 (US)
10Ep. 1910 – There’s Something About MarcThe annual Blind Taste Test took place, one team had no communication during Steak Night, and an early front-runner was eliminated.November 25, 2020 (UK), March 11, 2021 (US)
11Ep. 1911 – Sink or SwimCaesar salad was the main dish; a hot reward caused one chef to grow ill, pants were lost at dinner service, and Ramsay overruled the losing team’s poor nomination choices.November 26, 2020 (UK), March 18, 2021 (US)
12Ep. 1912 – There’s Magic In Hell?Burgers were the main dish, the chefs were allowed to assign their stations, and one chef made a risky move at elimination to eliminate a problematic teammate.December 2, 2020 (UK), March 25, 2021 (US)
13Ep. 1913 – It’s Time!A friendship started to show some sparks, the final five competed in their first Black Jacket challenge, and one chef’s weakness finally became their undoing.December 3, 2020 (UK), April 1, 2021 (US)
14Ep. 1914 – Snuggling with the EnemyThe six remaining chefs competed for black jackets, and a shocking elimination of the most improved chef of that season occurred.December 9, 2020 (UK), April 8, 2021 (US)
15Ep. 1915 – What Happens in Vegas…The final three reunited with their loved ones, competed in one last challenge, and two of them moved on for the final dinner service.December 10, 2020 (UK), April 15, 2021 (US)
16Ep. 1916 – Hitting the JackpotThe chefs spelled for their ingredients, and the weather affected one team’s reward; a private dinner service took place, and one chef’s luck ran out.December 17, 2020 (UK), April 22, 2021 (US)

In The End

Get ready to be transported to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas as Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 delivers unforgettable culinary moments and heart-pounding drama. With unexpected twists, intense challenges, and the fiery critiques of Gordon Ramsay, this season promises to be a Vegas-style culinary battle like no other.

Witness the rise of Executive Chef Kori Sutton as she secures the ultimate victory and the Head Chef position at Hell’s Kitchen in Lake Tahoe. Buckle up for a thrilling ride through the high-pressure world of Hell’s Kitchen.

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