Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas Beef Wellington: A Holiday Classic with a Twist

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If you’re looking for a show-stopping centerpiece for your holiday meal, look no further than this Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas Beef Wellington. This dish features a tender and juicy beef tenderloin wrapped in flaky puff pastry and topped with a rich and flavorful mushroom duxelle.

With easy-to-follow instructions and a few simple ingredients, you can create a delicious and impressive main course that will impress your guests. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, this Beef Wellington recipe is a great way to add a gourmet flair to your holiday feast.

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Mouthwatering hell’s kitchen beef Wellington’s new Christmas recipe is easy to make, only taking 20 minutes of prep time. Beef Wellington is Gordon Ramsay’s most popular recipe; this new version has a twist with a handful of chestnuts, adding that extra texture and flavor needed for the holidays. This has become one of our favorite recipes for our special family occasion dinners.

So try it and enjoy a mouthwatering and memorable meal with your loved ones this Christmas.

Equipment You Need To Make Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington Recipe

To make Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington recipe, you will need a few specific pieces of equipment to ensure that the dish turns out perfectly.

Here are some of the key items you will need:

  1. Chef’s knife: A sharp chef’s knife is essential for trimming the beef tenderloin and preparing the mushroom duxelle.
  2. Meat thermometer: It’s important to cook the beef tenderloin to the right internal temperature to ensure it is tender and juicy. A meat thermometer is an essential tool to achieve this.
  3. Parchment paper: Using parchment paper to wrap the beef tenderloin and the mushroom duxelle will help keep them in place and prevent the pastry from sticking.
  4. Rolling pin: A rolling pin is needed to roll out the puff pastry dough to the correct size and thickness.
  5. Pastry brush: A pastry brush is useful for brushing egg wash on the pastry before baking, which helps give it a golden brown color and a crisp texture.
  6. Plastic wrap: This is used to wrap the beef tenderloin before it is cooked, which helps it retain its shape and cook more evenly.
  7. Sauté pan: You need a sauté pan to cook the mushroom duxelle.
  8. Baking sheet: A large baking sheet is needed to bake the Beef Wellington in the oven.

With this essential equipment, you’ll be well on your way to making Gordon Ramsay’s famous Beef Wellington recipe at home.

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Beef Wellington Tips

Here are some tips to help you make the perfect Beef Wellington:

  1. Use high-quality beef tenderloin. It’s the dish’s star, so investing in a good cut of meat is important.
  2. Sear the beef before wrapping it in the pastry. This will help lock in the juices and prevent the pastry from becoming soggy.
  3. Make sure the mushroom mixture is finely chopped and well-drained. This will help prevent excess moisture from making the pastry soggy.
  4. Chill the pastry before wrapping the beef. This will make it easier to handle and prevent it from shrinking during baking.
  5. Brush the pastry with an egg wash before baking. This will give it a golden, shiny finish.
  6. Let the Wellington rest before slicing. This will help the meat retain its juices and prevent it from becoming dry.
  7. To complement the dish’s flavors, serve the Wellington with a sauce, such as a red wine reduction or a creamy mushroom sauce.

Beef Wellington is a delicious and impressive dish perfect for special occasions. With these tips, you can ensure that your Beef Wellington turns out perfectly every time. Remember to use high-quality beef, sear it before wrapping it in the pastry, and let it rest before slicing. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to making the best-ever Beef Wellington.

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How to Make Gordon Ramsay’s New Beef Wellington

The step-by-step guide below makes this recipe more straightforward than it looks; Beef Wellington makes a great alternative to a Sunday roast. Now gather your equipment, and let’s start cooking.

  1. Sear Beef Fillet
    • Pat filet mignon dry with paper towels and season generously with salt and pepper. Heat a skillet over medium-high heat and add oil. Add the filet mignon and brown on all sides for 1–2 minutes when the oil is hot but not smoking.
    • Remove from heat and place on a cutting board. Brush Dijon mustard onto the filet and allow it to cool. Place beef aside and preheat the oven to 425°F.
  2. Make Mushroom Duxelles
    • Add cremini mushrooms and a handful of chestnuts, salt, and pepper to a food processor and process until they are finely minced, forming a rough paste.
    • In a medium sauté pan over medium heat, add the mushroom paste. Spread the mixture evenly over the surface and cook on medium heat until the paste’s moisture mostly evaporates, 15–20 minutes. Remove from heat, stir in the chives, and let cool. The combination has the consistency of a spreadable pâté.
  3. Build Beef Wellington
    • On a cutting board, lay out a long piece of plastic wrap. In the middle of the wrap, lay out the prosciutto shingle-style to form a large rectangle to encompass the whole filet and spread mushroom duxelles in a thin layer over the prosciutto.
    • Place the filet on top of the mushrooms. Use the plastic wrap to help roll the beef up tightly in the duxelles-covered prosciutto, tucking in the ends so the beef is completely encompassed. Refrigerate for 20 minutes.
  4. Roll Beef Fillet in Puff Pastry Dough
    • On a floured surface, gently roll out the puff pastry until it is ¼ inch thick, no thinner. Depending on the pastry sheet’s size, two overlapping sheets can ensure the filet will be completely covered and sealed.
    • Set the beef in the center of the pastry and generously brush the pastry with the egg wash. Bring puff pastry up and around the beef and seal tightly. Pinch the ends closed and trim off any excess puff pastry. Refrigerate for 5–10 minutes to let it firm up again.
  5. Bake Beef Wellington
    • In a bowl, mix egg yolk and milk. REMOVE Wellington from the refrigerator. Place the Wellington seam side down on the preheated baking sheet. Brush the top of the puff pastry with the remaining egg wash and score it with a sharp paring knife. Sprinkle with sea salt and place the pan in the oven.
    • Bake for approximately 35 minutes at 425°F or until the steak’s internal temperature reaches 120°F for medium-rare. REMOVE from the oven and rest for at least 10 minutes before slicing.

Best Ever Beef Wellington Recipe

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Beef Wellington is a classic dish perfect for special occasions or a fancy dinner party. This Best Ever Beef Wellington recipe takes this dish to a new level with tender filet mignon, savory mushroom duxelles, and flaky puff pastry. The mushroom duxelles adds a deep, earthy flavor that complements the beef perfectly. The key to this recipe is the sear on the filet, which creates a delicious crust that holds in the meat’s natural juices.

And the puff pastry gives the dish a beautiful, golden crust that is both crispy and delicate. With this recipe, you can create a Beef Wellington that will impress your guests and become a favorite in your recipe collection. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner, this recipe is easy to follow and produces a truly impressive and delicious dish.


  • Mushroom Duxelles
  • 1 lb. 1 cremini mushrooms, coarsely chopped

  • 1 handful 1 Chestnuts

  • ½ tsp. Kosher salt

  • ¼ tsp. freshly ground black pepper

  • 2 tbsp. 2 minced chopped chives

  • Beef Filet of Wellington
  • 2 lb. 2 filet mignon Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

  • 2 tbsp. 2 canola or grapeseed oil

  • ¼ C. whole-grain Dijon mustard

  • ½ lb. prosciutto di Parma

  • 1 egg yolk

  • 1 tbsp. 1 whole milk

  • Puff Pastry Dough
  • 1 sheet 1 of pre-made Puff Pastry Dough.


  • Quickly sear the beef fillets in a hot pan with olive oil for 30 to 60 seconds until browned all over and rare in the middle. Remove from the pan and leave to cool.
  • Finely chop the mushrooms with chestnuts and fry in a hot pan with olive oil, thyme leaves, and some seasoning. When the mushrooms begin to release their juices, cook over high heat for about 10 minutes until all the excess moisture has evaporated and you are left with a mushroom paste (known as a duxelles). Remove the duxelle from the pan and leave it to cool.
  • Cut the pastry in half, place it on a lightly floured surface, and roll each piece into a rectangle large enough to envelop one of the beef fillets. Chill in the refrigerator.
  • Lay a large sheet of cling film on a work surface and place 4 slices of Parma ham in the middle, overlapping them slightly, to create a square. Spread half the duxelle evenly over the ham.
  • Season the beef fillets, then place them on the mushroom-covered ham. Using the cling film, roll the Parma ham over the beef, and tie the cling film to get a nice, evenly thick log. Repeat this step with the other beef fillet, then chill for at least 30 minutes.
  • Brush the pastry with the egg wash. Trim the pastry and brush all over with the egg wash. Cover with cling film and chill for at least 30 minutes. Remove the cling film from the beef, then wrap the pastry around each ham-wrapped fillet.
  • Meanwhile, make the red wine sauce. Heat the oil in a large pan, then fry the beef trimmings for a few minutes until browned on all sides. Stir in the shallots with the peppercorns, bay, and thyme and continue to cook for about 5 minutes, frequently stirring, until the shallots turn golden brown.
  • Pour in the vinegar and let it bubble for a few minutes until almost dry. Now add the wine and boil until nearly entirely reduced. Add the stock and bring it to a boil again. Lower the heat and simmer gently for 1 hour, removing any scum from the surface of the sauce until you have the desired consistency. Strain the liquid through a fine sieve lined with muslin. Check for seasoning and set aside.
  • When you are ready to cook the beef wellingtons, score the pastry lightly and brush with the egg wash again, then bake at Bake for approximately 35 minutes at 425°F until the pastry is golden brown cooked. Rest for 10 minutes before carving.
  • Meanwhile, reheat the sauce. Serve the beef wellingtons sliced, with the sauce as an accompaniment.

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  • When the steak is seared at high heat, a beautiful brown crust is formed, enhancing the visual appeal and releasing many mouthwatering taste molecules through the Maillard reaction. The resulting savory flavor makes the steak even more delicious and satisfying.

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