Chefs Choice Pro Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener


The Chef’sChoice 325 Professional Diamond Hone Sharp-N-Hone is an electric knife sharpener for straight-edge and serrated knives. Equipped with a diamond honing feature, it sharpens your knives in seconds without detempering. It includes a unique stropping and polishing stage and precision flexible spring guides for professional results.


Introducing the Chef’sChoice 325 Professional Diamond Hone Sharp-N-Hone Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener, a must-have tool for every kitchen. This 2-stage professional sharpener is designed to sharpen straight-edge and serrated knives. Thanks to its diamond honing feature, it’s guaranteed to never detemper your knives.

Incredibly fast, this electric sharpener creates hair-splitting sharpness in mere seconds. It also includes a unique, patented stropping and polishing stage for that extra edge on your knives. Along with a cleaning system for abrasive disks, this sharpener is equipped with precision flexible spring guides to position your blade precisely for professional sharpening, eliminating any guesswork.


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