Henckels Definition 20-Pc Self-Sharp Knife Set


The Henckels Definition 20-Piece Knife Set, crafted in Germany, offers a diverse range of knives, including paring, santoku, bread, chef, steak, and kitchen shears. The set features a self-sharpening block with ceramic rods, eliminating the need for additional sharpening. Made from high-quality stainless steel, the knives demonstrate robustness and durability.


Always have sharpness at your fingertips with Henckels self-sharpening Definition knife blocks. These knife blocks feature self-sharpening slots, each with built-in ceramic honing wheels. Whenever you store or remove a knife, it automatically sharpens. The remaining slots cater to serrated knives, whose toothed blades never require sharpening. The 20-piece block set has a comprehensive range of knives to equip your kitchen fully. It includes 3 and 4-inch paring knives for smaller tasks and an 8-inch chef’s knife perfect for slicing and dicing. This set provides all the essential knives, kitchen shears, and eight razor-sharp steak knives.

Henckels manufactures these knives from durable, high-quality stainless steel. The Definition range uses a single-piece, stamped blade construction lighter than [German forged knives], ensuring easy maneuverability without sacrificing strength or durability. The knives’ high-carbon stainless steel construction delivers power from within. They’re honed for enduring sharpness, and their fine-edge blades guarantee precision cutting. With their curved, break-proof, triple-rivet handles, you’ll experience comfortable, balanced cutting that won’t tire you out.

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