Which Vegan Meal Delivery Service Is Best?

You’re in luck, whether you’re a long-term vegan with little time to go grocery shopping or interested in eating more vegetables but don’t know where to start. Living a herbivorous lifestyle has never been easier, especially now that you can get a tasty plant-based meal kit delivery service to your house. Some of the most outstanding meal delivery services now cater to the growing number of vegans (including myself! ), and many are even entirely plant-based.

There are many vegan meal delivery services to choose from, depending on your preferences, whether you’re gluten-free, have a lot of allergies, want a recipe-guided meal kit, or want microwave-ready, chef-prepared dishes. Furthermore, high-quality meal delivery services promote holistic vegan lifestyles by including sustainable farming practices in their brand. Each of the services on this list has been thoroughly evaluated by reviewers who can’t stop gushing about their fantastic culinary experiences and full tummies. I’ve tried many of these as a vegan over the years, so many of them have my approval.

Some of the services even include chef- and nutritionist-designed meals, so you know you’re receiving genuinely high-quality cuisine best meal delivery service delivered right to your house. So start planning your Sunday brunch now so you won’t spend half of your weekend food shopping and meal prepping.

Last Updated on June 20, 2023 by John Siracusa


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