Global 3.5” Paring Knife


This versatile Japanese paring knife is perfect, peeling, and coring. It features a sharp, lightweight, and well-balanced design that offers top performance and is easy to clean. With its superior craftsmanship and distinctive handle, it meets the highest expectations. It is ideal for cutting cherry tomatoes, coring strawberries, and mincing garlic.


This high-quality Global knife is ideal for kitchen tasks like paring, peeling, and coring. It’s lightweight, well-balanced, and extremely sharp right out of the box, making it effortless to cut through ingredients. The knife features a short profile for paring and performs exceptionally well with cherry tomatoes, strawberry coring, and garlic mincing.

This knife’s superior quality and craftsmanship are second only to its distinctive design, which will catch your eye. Customers have given positive reviews about the knife’s performance and quality; some even replace their other knives with this one. Despite owning other European knife brands like Zwilling and Wusthof, many customers have expressed satisfaction with Global knives and plan to buy more.


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