Michelle Tribble's All-Star Victory in Hell's Kitchen Season 17 (2018)

Hell’s Kitchen Season 17: All-Stars Return With a Vengeance (Sep 29, 2017 – Feb 2, 2018)

Hell’s Kitchen Season 17 All Stars catapulted to stirring heights by bringing back 16 fan favorites. The contestants were divided by gender, ramping up the competition. The first round saw a chef face a unique elimination, while a single challenge knocked out two contestants rather than the usual one. Only three chefs progressed to the final round.

This season was packed with extraordinary events. The blue team made history by clinching the first four challenges and dinner services, while only one red team member bagged a Black Jacket. The blue team also claimed the second-highest number of dinner service victories, with five total. Moreover, a record four contestants were shown the door after a challenge.

Five episodes defined this season: All-Stars Arrive, Raising the Bar, Tower of Terror, Just Letter Cook, and Josh Josh Josh.

Several familiar faces from prior seasons passed on the opportunity to return. Clemenza from Season 10 couldn’t make it back due to health concerns, Sabrina from Season 8 didn’t want to quit her job, and Kimberly from Season 16 felt she’d had her fill after just one season. This season also marked the last time a male contestant came in second place and debuted new, short-sleeved chef jackets with additional buttons.

Key Takeaways from Hell’s Kitchen Season 17

  • Season 17 featured 16 former contestants divided into teams by gender.
  • The elimination process in Season 17 was unconventional, with one chef being eliminated unusually during the first elimination and two people being eliminated in a challenge instead of one.
  • The final challenge in Season 17 featured three contestants performing.
  • Several former contestants declined the opportunity to return for Season 17 for various reasons, and this season marked the last appearance of a male runner-up.

Season 17 Contestants and Progress

Throughout Season 17 of Hell’s Kitchen, you’ll witness the progress and journey of 16 former contestants as they compete for the esteemed title of head chef.

This season is packed with intense chef eliminations as the pressure rises and the stakes increase. The contestants showcase their culinary skills and battle them in team performances that leave you on the edge. Each episode brings new challenges and surprises, leading up to the all-star finale, where only the best of the best will remain.

These seasoned contestants bring their A-game, pushing themselves to the limit and leaving no room for mistakes. Stay tuned to witness the fierce competition and see who’ll emerge victorious in this thrilling season of Hell’s Kitchen.


Get ready for some interesting facts about Hell’s Kitchen Season 17: All-Stars as we dive into the show’s trivia.

  1. Season 14 had the most returning chefs with 4, while Seasons 6 and 7 had the least with 1 each. The producers certainly mixed things up in terms of bringing back former contestants.
  2. The blue team recorded the first four wins in challenges and dinner services. They were on fire and proved to be a force to be reckoned with.
  3. Only one member of the red team received a Black Jacket. The competition was tough, and the red team had a harder time impressing Chef Ramsay.

These are just a few fascinating tidbits about Hell’s Kitchen Season 17: All-Stars.

Stay tuned for more trivia as we explore the signature dish challenge, the all-star finale TV episode titles, and much more.

Future Reappearances

As we continue exploring the trivia of Hell’s Kitchen Season 17: All-Stars, let’s delve into the future reappearances of some former contestants.

Chef Ramsay’s nominations played a significant role in determining the fate of the chefs throughout the season. The contestants’ progress varied; Chef Ramsay nominated some and ultimately eliminated, while others were eliminated without even being nominated.

The blue team, in particular, had a remarkable season, setting a record for the first four wins in challenges and dinner services. It was an impressive feat that showcased their exceptional teamwork and culinary skills.

With such a strong showing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see some of these talented chefs return for future seasons of Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen as a TV Series

Hell’s Kitchen, a culinary competition show, has captivated audiences for 22 seasons with its unique blend of intense cooking and drama. The series, known for high-stakes culinary challenges, pushes contestants to their limits, creating gourmet dishes under time pressure and delivering flawless dinner services, as wikipedia.org notes.

Season 17 was especially thrilling, bringing back some of the most memorable contestants from past seasons for fierce competition among the elite. As highlighted on fox.com, these all-star returns added extra drama and rivalry, elevating the show’s excitement.

Over the years, Hell’s Kitchen has garnered a dedicated fan base, becoming a staple in reality TV. Its success is attributed to culinary skill, intense challenges, and Gordon Ramsay’s fiery personality. The show remains a favorite, captivating viewers with its addictive mix of skill, drama, and mouth-watering dishes, making it a must-watch for cooking competition enthusiasts.

Chef Jackets and Updates

With the update in Season 17, Hell’s Kitchen featured chef jackets with shorter sleeves and more buttons, enhancing the contestants’ professional appearance.

The black jacket challenge, a highly anticipated event every season, was no exception in Season 17. The pressure was on as the chefs battled it out for a chance to wear the coveted black jacket, a symbol of their culinary prowess.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s return to Hell’s Kitchen brings excitement and tension as she aims to prove herself and redeem her past mistakes.

Throughout the intense competition, Chef Ramsay’s high standards pushed the contestants to their limits as they strived to impress the renowned British chef. As the episodes unfolded, each one marked important competition milestones, creating suspense and anticipation for the chefs and the viewers.


ContestantAgeHometownOriginal SeasonRank
Ashley Nickell29Orlando, FLSeason 153rd place
Barbie Marshall39Strasburg, PASeason 104th place
Ben Walanka36Overland Park, KSSeason 54th place
Benjamin Knack41San Antonio, TXSeason 73rd place
Dana Cohen32Emerson, NJSeason 103rd place
Elise Harris32Stafford, VASeason 93rd place
Giovanni Filippone46Santa Rosa Beach, FLSeason 56th place
Jared Bobkin31Troy, MISeason 154th place
Jennifer Normant40Burlington, MASeason 95th place
Josh Trovato28Los Angeles, CASeason 146th place
Manda Palomino32Atlantic City, NJSeason 155th place
Michelle Tribble*26New York, NYSeason 14Winner
Milly Medley37Philadelphia, PASeason 144th place
Nick Peters Bond28Newburyport, MASeason 145th place
Robyn Almodovar36Fort Lauderdale, FLSeason 106th place
Van Hurd34South Glastonbury, CTSeason 66th place
Hell’s Kitchen Season Winner *

Episode Rundown and Highlights

01Ep. 1701 – All-Stars ArriveAn individual challenge featuring bar food occurred; one team had no stars at opening…September 29, 2017
02Ep. 1702 – Raising the BarTwo chefs tried their best to get along with their new teammates, fish was cooked in an unusual…October 6, 2017
03Ep. 1703 – Tower of TerrorOne team continued their winning streak; an old feud reignited; one chef lacked commitment during…October 13, 2017
04Ep. 1704 – Just Letter CookOne team made a comeback, one chef’s poor performance got them alienated by their team, and the…October 20, 2017
05Ep. 1705 – Josh Josh JoshTwo chefs tried their best to get along with their new teammates; fish was cooked in an unusual…November 3, 2017
06Ep. 1706 – A Slice of HellThe chefs were tested on timings on the menu items, and six competed individually…November 10, 2017
07Ep. 1707 – Trimming FatCave meat was the main theme; one chef made an unexpected comeback, while one team had…November 17, 2017
08Ep. 1708 – Welcome to the JungleEp. 1713 – Stars Heating HellDecember 1, 2017
09Ep. 1709 – Catch of the DayAn unlikely alliance was born; the chefs cooked pasta dishes on a budget, and an early…December 8, 2017
10Ep. 1710 – It’s All GravyThe annual Blind Taste Test took place, a private dinner service occurred, and an elimination…December 15, 2017
11Ep. 1711 – Trying to Pasta TestEp. 1713 – Stars Heating HellJanuary 5, 2018
12Ep. 1712 – Five is the New BlackRamsay called sixteen former contestants to compete again, and the all-stars discovered that their…January 12, 2018
13Ep. 1713 – Stars Heating HellThe final five competed in their first black jackets challenge, an argument between two…January 19, 2018
14Ep. 1714 – Families Come to HellThe final four reunited with their loved ones and took turns at the pass, and two unexpected…January 26, 2018
15Ep. 1715 – Final ThreeThe final three created their menus, went through one final challenge, and two of them…February 2, 2018
16Ep. 1716 – All-Star FinaleMichelle and Benjamin picked their brigades, went through one final dinner service, and one…February 2, 2018

In The End

Get ready to be captivated by the intense culinary battles and unexpected twists of Hell’s Kitchen Season 17: All-Stars Return With a Vengeance. This rollercoaster ride of excitement and culinary excellence will have you on the edge of your seat as 16 former contestants fight for the title of head chef.

With Ramsay’s ruthless decisions and surprising eliminations, every episode will leave you craving more. Don’t miss out on the thrilling return of the All-Stars and experience the heat like never before.

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