What Is the Smart Cutting Board? A Must Have Kitchen Gadget

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About the Smart Cutting Board

A smart cutting board is a relatively new concept of adapting technology in one of the most basic kitchen tools, a chopping board, and transforming it into a fully-fledged multipurpose appliance. A smart cutting board can execute multiple functions which would otherwise require different tools and equipment, reducing the cooking space requirement and helping you to avoid misplacing crucial items. Stick around to discover what the fuss is all about and the many ways a smart cutting board will improve your cooking experience.

I got a John Boos Cutting Board as a gift, and it is worth the hype; it is a very sturdy, beautifully crafted board that I recommend. I purchased the oil and cleansing products to go with it to maintain and preserve the wood.

Chopbox- The World’s First Smart Cutting Board

We shall use the Chopbox, which was the pioneer of smart cutting boards and has proven in recent years to be the most wholesome of the lot. It is feature-packed and designed to maintain a compact profile without compromising hygiene and safety. It is easy to clean and maintain but will still self-sterilize and even sterilize your knives.

It is a product of The Yes Company, a leader in digital cooking trends whose engineers are always looking for ways to reduce the number of things you need to buy and store to get the job done. Their focus is on efficiency, saving time, money, and hassle.

What to Consider Before Buying A Cutting Board

The underlying motivation should be to maximize utility and durability, meaning a practical board with versatile applications that is long-lasting to ensure you get value for your money. Below are some of the main considerations:

The Cutting Board Surface

The surface impacts the status of your knives significantly. If too abrasive, it will blunt the knife fast. If too hard, it subjects the knife to chipping and bending at the edges. It should, therefore, be non-abrasive and soft so the knife is not blunted but not so soft that the knife will destroy it. It should also be easy to clean.

Cutting Board Material

Wood is self-healing, meaning shallow cuts close up, so there are no crevices to hide contamination, some of them also have natural antiseptic properties that eliminate pathogens. Look for hardwoods with tight grains and small pores.

On top of the hardwood’s strength and ruggedness, their tight grains make them less abrasive to the knife, and the small pores will not retain dirt or absorb liquid. They can be finished with sanding and oiling or waxing to enhance this and avoid warping.

Plastic boards aren’t naturally antiseptic but have an advantage over wood because they are sink friendly, and as they are not porous, you can wash them with harsh cleaning agents without getting damaged or retaining the agents to contaminate food.

Bamboo is another renewable alternative that is hard yet pliable and has a high tolerance for heat. It has very small pores, making it easy to clean, and it also possesses antimicrobial properties. Bamboo chopping boards are made by laminating multiple pieces together so they are extra strong.

Hygienic Properties

There are always germs in knife blocks and the crevices of our cutting boards. Transmission of bacteria and other contaminants throughout the kitchen through knives, hands, or surfaces like cutting boards is therefore rampant.

Professional chefs even differentiate the boards for cutting one type of food with others. They differentiate raw and cooked meat, seafood, poultry, red meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy, and bread and even have color-coded chopping boards for all kinds of food.

You need up to 6 separate cutting boards to satisfy these conditions, which are not always possible on a small scale. At the very minimum, you should use a separate cutting board for fresh produce and bread from the one used for raw meat, poultry, and seafood. This way, you can avoid contaminating food that doesn’t require further cooking with pathogens from raw food, according to recommendations from the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS).

How Does the Smart Cutting Board Address These Requirements?

You are in the right place if you are tired of looking for every single kitchen accessory while you cook or are pressed for workspace and need to get rid of some counter clutter. Don’t be intimidated by the price tag because, as we are about to see, this must-have kitchen gadget goes beyond a cutting surface to functions that would otherwise require a few other gadgets.

What Features Does the Smart Cutting Board Come With?

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Disinfecting UVC Light

It features a built-in germicidal 254-nanometer UVC light that uses radiation technology to  sterilize your knives. It can sanitize up to 3 knives at once plus the cutting surfaces. UV-C wavelengths (between 200 and 300 nanometers) eliminate microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and a host of harmful contaminants. They deactivate their DNA and prevent them from multiplying and causing disease.

Cutting boards require a lot of delicate sanitation because the grooves created by the knives and liquids left on the board can harbor bacteria that will transmit to the food. Just switch on the light, and 99.99% of the pathogens are eliminated within a minute. You can turn it off using a button on the control panel, but it will also automatically switch off when you detach the 2 chopping boards. The light is 100% safe for humans, and you don’t risk any side effects while using it.

Dual Cutting Surfaces

Another cutting board slides out from the main cutting board, offering extra chopping space and allowing you to separate different meats so you can avoid cross-contamination. The versatile smaller board can also be used as a surface to keep chopped up food or transfer it to the cooking pot.

The design helps the board maintain the profile of a standard cutting board, so it won’t occupy a big section of your cooking space unnecessarily. You only pull it out when necessary. Both cutting boards have grooves to catch runaway juices and liquids, so they don’t contaminate each other or soil your clothes, the floor, or the counter.

Built-In Weighing Scale

A scale takes the guesswork away from your cooking, minimizing losses while enabling you to replicate the recipe exactly as you are supposed to. The scale even has a tare function with which you can deduct the weight of the containers from your readings, improving the accuracy of your measurements. It can weigh up to 6.6 pounds, which is more than sufficient for most of your domestic usage.

A button allows you to switch between measurement units, so you don’t have to make complex conversions while you focus on cooking. You can easily go from grams to ounces to pounds or kilograms.

Integrated Kitchen Timer

This feature, while not the trendiest, will go a long way in helping you keep track of the food at all times. You can devote it to various recipes as you chop them so you are not overwhelmed by the different tasks you will be engaging in during a major cookout.

We love that it is hard to misplace, unlike your regular independent timers, which tend to disappear just when you need them. This timer can run for up to 9 hours and covers a wide range of recipes, including long smokes.

2 Replaceable Knife Sharpeners

The right edge of this smart cutting board has two knife sharpeners; one is made of diamond stone, while the other is a ceramic stone. This combination ensures you can customize the sharpness of your knives to fit your prevailing needs as they arise.

The hard diamond quickly removes the material, ensuring you don’t spend time sharpening your knives. It is great for re-beveling and setting knife edges. The ceramic stones have a finer grit, so this sharpener will help refine the blade, making it smoother and gentler on your cutting boards. We find them useful for maintenance and touch-ups.

Water Resistance

This cutting board comes with an IP rating of IPX7 which means it is dust resistant and enjoys a significant degree of protection from water intrusion. It can stay under 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes without getting damaged.

It is a smart cutting board, which means it has electronics and tech features that are averse to water, so it is not dishwasher friendly. You don’t need to test the limits, as the bamboo will clean up nicely with just a little water.

Long-Lasting Battery

The Chopbox smart cutting board is powered by a fast-charging 3,000mAh battery, which requires one hour to charge fully. A full charging cycle can keep all the board’s electronics working for up to 30 days. You don’t need to keep the cutting board close to an energy outlet, and you can even deploy it outdoors.

Heavy Duty Construction

The cutting board uses high-density bamboo, which is durable, easy to clean, and strong at an affordable price. It can hold a weight of up to 150lbs, which is more than sufficient for a chopping board. It has small pores to make it easy to clean as there is no space to harbor contamination and stains. The material is also hard and won’t succumb to the pressure of the knife easily.

You should check out this illustrative Chopbox video and see all these bells and whistles in action for a better perspective.

Alternative Smart Cutting Boards

We bumped into the Charm Line smart cutting board and knife holder as we scoured the internet for solutions. It stood out, particularly because it also uses UV light to disinfect knives and chopping boards. It features four different chopping boards with distinguishable colors and functions as a knife holder. It comes with four knives for different purposes and is highly recommended if you cook platters of different foods because of the enhanced ability to separate them.

You will miss the timer, weighing scale, knife sharpeners, and self-healing properties of the Chopbox. You can get these services from other gadgets should you opt for this option.


Rather than having an array of cooking tools cluttering your worktop (when you can find them all) every time you cook, you should consider futuristic, wholesome appliances like the Chopbox. It is not only convenient but safe and durable at a reasonable price tag. You will get your money’s worth.

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