Gordon Ramsay Shows How To Make An Easy Curry At Home | Ramsay in 10

Gordon was back this weekend and tried to make another dish in 10 minutes … well, almost 10 minutes. This time it was a delicious butternut squash curry! Did he do it in 10 minutes? Not exactly, but he had reasons including a bonus roti that you can flatten in under 2 minutes. Share your dish on the Community tab, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by tagging Gordon! Full recipe here: INGREDIENTS: 2 diced chicken breasts Butternut squash Red onion Ginger Spinach Peas Canned tomatoes Coconut milk Curry powder Chicken or vegetable broth Red chilli (optional) Follow Gordon: Write him: +1 (310) 620-6468 Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: # CookwithMe #StayHome.

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John Siracusa

Cooking for me has always been an "art" infused in traditions. My career inspired by Hell’s Kitchen, the West Side of Manhattan which boasts one of N.Y. City’s best independent restaurant communities along with Gordon Ramsay no-nonsense approach towards always being your best.

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