Does the Red Team Begin to Fall Apart?


The Blue Team just hasn’t been able to get their act together on Hell’s Kitchen season 16. So far, they have lost two of their chefs and went through two disastrous dinner services. Have they gotten rid of enough dead weight to finally beat the Red Team? Let’s find out in this episode, “The Yolks on Them.”

A Slimy Competition

After Chef Gordon Ramsay eliminated Genaro from the competition, the remaining chefs head back to their dorms. The Red Team could not be happier that they are dominating the competition.

The men, however, think that the women are gloating. They think that Jessica, specifically, needs to quiet down. Johnny tells her to not talk to him for the “rest of the f***ing season,” while Andrew tells her to “shut the f*** up.” This causes Jessica to break down in her confessional because she says she has never been bullied like this before.

The next day, the chefs enter Hell’s Kitchen and see Gordon standing in front of them with countless eggs around him. He informs them that these are ostrich eggs, but those are not what they will be cooking in the next competition. Instead, the teams must prepare various platters of ostrich meat. The only ingredients they can use are hidden inside of the ostrich eggs.

Gordon then tells them that they have four minutes to smash as many ostrich eggs as they can to reveal their ingredients. While it may seem like fun to smash these eggs, there is way too much yolk splattering around because, according to Chef Ramsay, ostrich eggs are twice the size of chicken eggs.

After the four minutes are up, the chefs will have 40 minutes to prepare their ostrich dishes. Many of them are nervous because they have never prepared an exotic meat such as this one. Johnny, on the other hand, is completely confident. “This is gonna be a challenge that I’m gonna kill,” he says.

The chefs then present their dishes to Chef Ramsay and two world-renowned chefs — David McMillan and Frederic Morin. The two teams will face off in four rounds. Whoever cooks the dish that Gordon and the guest judges deem the best in each round will score one point for their team. The team with the most points out of four rounds will win.

In the first round, Ryan’s meatballs and Shaina’s chili face off against Johnny’s burger and chili. Despite all of the confidence Johnny had going into this competition, Ryan ends up winning and scores the first point for the Red Team.

Next up is Heather, Heidi and Kimberly going up against Aaron and Koop. The women score their second consecutive point, thanks to Kimberly’s pan-roasted top loin.

The third round features Gia and Jessica taking on Paulie and Andrew. Gordon and the guest judges narrow it down to Jessica and Paulie. If Jessica’s dish wins, the Red Team will win another competition. Luckily for the Blue Team, Paulie’s dish is victorious and scores them their first point.

It could all come down to this. Aziza and Wendy go up against Devin and Matt. Devin is confident that he has this in the bag, but, according to Gordon, Wendy’s dish wins “100%.” This earns the Red Team their final point, making them the winners of yet another competition.

Is Somebody Quitting?

To celebrate their third win of the season, Gordon sends the women off for a day of zip lining in the mountains. They even get to travel to the mountains in style on a private jet. For losing, the men must clean up the disgusting mess the ostrich eggs left behind from the competition.

As the Red Team continues to bond while zip lining, the Blue Team breaks down even more. As they are doing their punishment, the men begin to notice that Matt is nowhere to be found. Aaron tries to go find him and make him come help them with the clean-up. “Don’t sit back and pout like a little boy,” Aaron says about Matt.

Matt, however, refuses to help. He says he is tired of being degraded by the judges because they don’t know what they are talking about. He even tells Aaron that he is going to pack his belongings and quit the competition. The rest of the Blue Team says they would not be upset with Matt leaving. “Matt is not a team player. He’s a coward,” Paulie explains.

After Gordon hears about Matt’s outburst, he calls him into his office to talk. Matt ends up telling Gordon that he believes he and the rest of the men are not being treated fairly in the competitions, so he doesn’t want to stay if everything is stacked against them. Gordon talks him off the ledge and gets him to stick around. He even gives Matt one piece of advice — “Keep your head up.”

Despite Matt staying in the competition and then going to help his teammates with the punishment, they are infuriated with him. This causes a fight to break out between Matt and Johnny, leaving Johnny to say that he will make sure Matt goes up on the block for elimination.

Things are not going well for the Red Team either. Just before the start of the next dinner service, the women see Gia just standing around and not helping prepare their kitchen. Heather even says that she would not mind losing the dinner service if it means they can send Gia home. Gia, however, hears the whole conversation.
The Dinner Service

With tensions high on both teams, the next dinner service begins. The Blue Team does not start off too badly. Koop makes a risotto, which Chef Ramsay loves, but he tells Koop to just cut back on his serving size.

The Red Team start off a bit rocky too. Kimberly and Shaina take on the fish station, but Kimberly’s first serving of scallops are overcooked. Luckily, she quickly bounces back, helping the women to get their appetizers out early.

Back in the Blue Team’s kitchen, Paulie serves Gordon his scallops, but they are not done. Then his second attempt at the dish is burnt. Gordon doesn’t know how to respond to this second failed dish. “I’m trying desperately hard to make you look good. I’m fed up!” Gordon yells to Paulie.

Despite wanting to leave earlier, Matt steps up and helps Paulie create a successful plate of scallops. The men seem to have finally come together as a team.

The teamwork that the Blue Team is exhibiting is not seen in the Red Team’s kitchen. As Gia prepares her lamb, Wendy is hopeful that Gia messed it up so they can send her home. Gia’s lamb ends up being cooked perfectly, but she quickly crashes and burns. She ends up overcooking her next plate of lamb and completely messes up her beef Wellington. Her teammates have had just about enough of her. “She sucks. We’re ready to get her out of our team,” Kimberly says.

As if Gia’s performance couldn’t get any worse, it quickly does. She ends up telling Chef Ramsay that she cut off part of her finger, so he calls in a medic. She refuses to show him or the medic her finger, until Chef Ramsay forces her to. While everybody watching probably expected to see a gory scene, Gia was lying about her injury the whole time.

Unlike the previous dinner services, the women do not recover. After their beef Wellington, pasta and salmon are all cooked improperly, Gordon tells them to “f*** off” and kicks them out of the kitchen. This means that the Blue Team has finally won their first dinner service of the season.

The Elimination

When the women regather to figure out who they are nominating, everybody seems to be in agreement that Gia should be one of the nominees. They are torn on the second one, so Jessica ends up nominating herself due to her pasta mishap. Jessica, however, is upset that nobody else volunteered to go up because she thinks they all played a part in the team’s loss.

The Red Team then explodes. Gia suggests that Kimberly go up instead of Jessica. When Gia goes into the dorms to tell Kimberly about this, she overhears Kimberly telling Jessica that Gia will be the one going home. This causes a major blowout between Gia and Kimberly, but literally nothing they say can be heard because every other word seems to be bleeped out.

After the massive brawl between Gia and Kimberly, the Red Team meets with Gordon to reveal the two nominees. They end up being Gia and, to Gordon’s surprise, Jessica. He says it is not good that Jessica nominated herself, and her team reiterates this point by saying that Jessica has nothing left to give.

Things get much worse for Jessica because Gia reveals that Jessica has already packed her bags. This is the final nail in Jessica’s coffin, so Gordon sends her home because he does not feel that she is ready for the grand prize of becoming the head chef at a high-end Las Vegas restaurant.

What did you think of this episode? Do you wish Matt had quit? Were you surprised to see the women crumble? Should Jessica have nominated herself? Would you have sent Gia home over Jessica? Let us know your thoughts in both the comments section and in the poll below.

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