‘Hell’s Kitchen’ : Can The Blue Team Pull It Together?

When we last joined Chef Gordon Ramsayand the 18 new chefs during the season 16 premiere of Hell’s Kitchen, the Red Team completely dominated the first two competitions. The Blue Team, on the other hand, was left divided and in chaos, as Gordon eliminated the first chef of the season, Pat. Will the Blue Team be able to make a comeback? Let’s find out in this episode, “Crepe Grand Prix.”

A Race for the Chefs

The episode picks up where the last one left off — with Gordon just eliminating Pat. The Blue Team will not miss him, and they know that they have some serious work to do. “Losing Pat, it was just dead weight we don’t need on our team. We need passionate people. I think every single person on our team needs to step up and prove why they’re here,” Andrew says.

The chefs unwind from the stressful dinner service and elimination by hanging out in the hot tub. Things get extra hot, when Paulie takes off his shorts, prompting some of the other men to get naked as well. Gia is very excited for this and is eager to see how they all “stack up.” Koop, on the other hand, doesn’t want to get to know his teammates this well. “Too many wieners in that soup,” he jokes.

The next day, the chefs head into the SUVs and arrive at a raceway. A car zooms by them on the track, and Chef Ramsay pops out. He explains to them that cooking and racing are very similar. Both the driver of a car and the chef cooking a meal must always be in control. If they are not, Gordon says it could lead to a “huge disaster.”

Gordon informs them that for this competition, they will be partaking in the first-ever Crepe Grand Prix. The teams must cook him the perfect chicken and mushroom-stuffed crepes and race them to him. However, they will not be driving race cars. Instead, they must deliver the crepes in golf carts. Whichever team delivers 10 perfect crepes to Chef Ramsay first will be the winners of this challenge.

The teams begin cooking their crepes. Each team must split up into pairs to cook them, with the Red Team having one group of three. Things do not start off well for the Red Team because Gia cuts her finger. The rest of the women are worried that she could lose this for them. “[Gia is a] high maintenance, hoity-toity bitch, and I’m gonna flip if she has anything to do with us losing,” Heather says.

Jessica, Shaina and Aziza deliver the first-scoring crepe to Gordon, which he calls “delicious.” Johnny and Koop, on the other hand, bring a crepe that is broken down the middle. Gordon immediately throws it away.

As the women score two more points for their crepes, the men are worried that they are going to be blown away in yet another competition. Luckily, Devin and Genaro score the Blue Team’s first point. They put the pedal to the medal and eventually catch up to the Red Team.

The competition stays virtually tied for the majority of the competition, with each team pulling ahead at certain times.

Towards the end, the teams are tied nine to nine. The Red Team attempts to win the competition with their next crepe, but Chef Ramsay says it is not good enough. It is then a race to the finish as the teams send out what they each hope to be their final crepe, but it is the Blue Team who gets there first and wins the competition.

The Red Team Breaks

The men are ecstatic that they finally beat the women at something. As their reward, they will be heading out on a 73-foot “super mega” yacht. The women will have to stay behind for what Gordon calls “F.D.D.” He tells them that this stands for “fish delivery day.” They will have to break down a mass amount of fishes for the next day’s dinner service challenge.

The Blue Team has the time of their lives on the yacht. It is unlike anything they have ever done before. They get to celebrate by sipping champagne, swimming in the ocean and riding jet skis. This win proves that they are much more united than they were before. “Right now, the Blue Team is very solid. We’re coming together great,” Koop says.

Nobody envies the Red Team. The fish that they have to work with are massive, dirty and smelly. They have to descale them, remove their insides and properly prepare them.

This loss creates some tension amongst the women. Many of them have had enough of Jessica’s loud voice. “I’m tired of hearing the sound of Jessica’s voice. All I hear is a donkey,” Heather explains in her interview.

Things only get worse for the women. Later, they are given a special milkshake for dinner, made up of some unusual ingredients — fish guts. Gia explains that the shake contains raw scallops, fish guts and fish eyes. They all begin to throw the shake right back up.

Shaina’s luck turns around because she realizes that she is actually drinking a chocolate shake. Does she have plans on sharing it with her teammates? Not so much. “There’s no way in hell I’m about to let the rest of them know that!” Shaina exclaims.

As almost all of the women continue to break down and throw up, some of them refuse to continue drinking it. Heather, however, has a very specific message for them: “Bitch, yes, you are [drinking it] because we’re a f***ing team.”

Could this tension cause some major issues for the women in the upcoming dinner service?


A Disastrous Dinner Service

Since the Blue Team won the Crepe Grand Prix, they are going into the dinner service pumped up and united. The women, on the other hand, are still upset with their fish shakes. Gordon ends up revealing that Shaina actually had a chocolate shake and didn’t share it with her teammates, causing the women to become even more enraged. “To be honest, I don’t trust Shaina after that chocolate shake thing. I don’t trust you. You’re not a team player,” Heidi explains.

The teams split up and begin the dinner service. Things start off shaky for the Red Team. Jessica, who works with Aziza on appetizers, is already causing problems for the women and refuses to take any advice. “Jessica is one of those people that thinks that she knows what she’s doing, but she has no idea how to work a line,” Heather says.

Jessica and Aziza fail at their first attempt of cooking risotto. Luckily, Jessica recovers quickly with her carbonara.

The Blue Team isn’t doing well either. Aaron and Devin are in charge of the appetizers. Devin is worried, however, because of Aaron’s lack of experience. Clearly, Devin is right to be worried because Aaron attempts to serve a kale salad that is absolutely drenched in dressing. Chef Ramsay is disgusted and can’t believe somebody could mess up a salad this way.

Back in the Red Team’s kitchen, Gia and Heather begin to work on the fish. Heather says she doesn’t trust Gia to step up to the plate, and she is right because Gia suddenly disappears. She ends up going over to Gordon, asking him if she should work on dessert. He is completely taken aback, since it is way too early to be worried about the dessert.

Things start to unravel for the Blue Team. When it is time for the scallops to be served, Andrew realizes that he completely forgot to cook them. He thinks it is no big deal, but Gordon says this mistake could sink the entire kitchen.

Then Aaron makes his second mistake of the night by not rolling his pizzas properly and trying to cook two of them on the same paddle. Paulie steps in and takes over this part of the dinner service because he knows that Aaron just can’t handle it. “Aaron just isn’t pulling his weight, and I don’t think he knows how to,” Paulie says.

Is this the Red Team’s opportunity to win yet another dinner service? Not quite. It is time for them to cook their entrees, so Heather takes on the fish, while Kimberly cooks the lamb. Kimberly ends up serving a completely raw lamb. When Chef Ramsay asks her why she would serve this, she says she knew it wasn’t ready yet but didn’t speak up. As we all know, this type of response drives him crazy.

Kimberly eventually cooks a great lamb, while the men’s mishaps continue. Genaro is in charge of cooking the meat but fails to do it properly. Gordon sees that it is completely raw, so he demands that the Blue Team recook all of their meats.

Genaro then puts the final nail in his team’s coffin. He attempts to serve yet another cold, raw piece of meat. This causes Gordon to completely lose it and calls the Red Team over to the Blue Team’s kitchen. Everyone is confused as to what Gordon is doing. He tells the Red Team to take over and kicks the Blue Team out of the kitchen for the second episode in a row.


After another disastrous dinner service for the Blue Team, they must now nominate two of their chefs for elimination. Like their performance in the kitchen, this process goes south as well because Genaro seems to be completely out of it. His teammates are confused as to why he is not passionate about staying in the competition, but he says he has accepted the fact that there is nothing else he can do.

All of the men seem to be in agreement that Genaro should be one of the two nominees. However, they are torn over choosing either Aaron or Andrew for the other spot. Both made some major mistakes during dinner service, but Andrew thinks his scallops mishap was not nearly as bad as Aaron’s salad problem. “I’m one of the strongest chefs on the Blue Team. There’s no way in hell I’m going up in front of Chef Ramsay,” Andrew says.

When they come face-to-face with Gordon again, the Blue Team reveals that the two nominees are Aaron and Genaro. Gordon makes the case for why he could eliminate either of them — Aaron lacks the experience, and Genaro does not seem to want to be there.

Genaro tries to explain just how much passion he truly has, but Johnny calls him out for not even trying to fight to avoid being nominated. This makes the decision clear, so Chef Ramsay eliminates Genaro.

After Genaro leaves, Gordon tells the men that they all need to cook with passion and bounce back from any mistakes they make. He sends them away with a “piss off,” leaving the men, yet again, divided and confused as to where they go from here.

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Gordon was the right person to be eliminated? Should Andrew have been a nominee? Will the men be able to recover from another terrible dinner service? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments section and in the poll below.

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