Bone-In Chicken Breast

Chef Christina Wilson prepares the Hell’s Kitchen classic, Bone-in Chicken Breast.

-4ea 10 oz bone in, skin on, Chicken Breast
-2ea Garlic Cloves
-1/2bu Thyme
-1ea Lemon, zested
-4oz Olive Oil for cooking
-16oz Chicken Stock
-2T Butter, unsalted
-TT Salt & Pepper

Heat oven to 375 degrees. In a large sauté pan over a medium high flame, add oil and allow to heat. Season chicken breasts with salt and pepper and carefully place skin side down. Allow skin to crisp; flip breast once it releases from pan easily, approx. 3-5 minutes. Allow chicken to cook on flesh side for approx. 3 min; carefully add 4 oz chicken stock, thyme and garlic and flip chicken back to skin side. Place in oven and allow chicken to cook thoroughly for approx. 10 minutes. Remove from oven and take chicken out of pan to rest. Place pan back over medium heat and add remaining chicken stock. Allow chicken stock to reduce to desired consistency and mount with butter. Once butter has incorporated, strain the pan gravy through a fine mesh strainer and reserve for serving.

Additional Recipe(s) For Video Description Section:

-2ea Yams, peeled and small diced
-2ea Yukon Gold Potato, peeled and small diced
-1ea Yellow Onion, small diced
-8oz Andouille Sausage, small diced
-2ea Rosemary Sprigs, finely chopped
-2oz Olive Oil for cooking
-4oz Chicken Stock
-TT Salt and Pepper

Partially cook the yams and Yukon gold potatoes separately in salted boiling water. The potatoes should be cooked until just for tender, removed from water and dried on a half sheet tray or plate lined with a paper towel. In a large sauté pan, heat oil over medium flame. Add the onions and cook until translucent and fragrant. Add the sausage and cook until oil begins to release. You will see the onions and oil start to take on a slight orange hue. Add both potatoes and rosemary. Continue to cook until thoroughly incorporated. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

-1bunch Chard, cleaned, stems removed and rough chopped
-1ea Garlic Clove, minced
-1oz Olive Oil
-TT Salt & Pepper

In large sauté pan over medium flame, heat oil and add garlic. Cook until fragrant, but not burned. Burned garlic will make your greens bitter. Once fragrant, add chard and season. Sauté lightly until greens are wilted.

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Bone-In Chicken Breast